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[WP] New story!

Terribly (seriously.) sorry for not updating.

I’m making three stories (plus Prophesied… So make that FOUR) three of them is fantasy themed and only one of them is in reality.

Of course I won’t be publishing them (because that’s my definition of ‘nice’… kidding!) But if you want to, I’ll do it! :) Just message me in my wattpad account.

And yes, the next chapter of Prophesied is in progress. Oh college life.

[E.F] worst titles ever.

I think the title for my previous post should be “a play in a story” or something along those lines. Seriously I’m not good at making titles.
Anyway. Can somebody answer me on how to cure anti social people?

[W.P] My thoughts about Shakespeare.

Okay. I don’t know the reason why I can’t log in my iPhone, but anyway. I just read a good Shakespeare book, and I think I just had this great idea that maybe… A ‘play’ in Prophesied? Maaaaybe. :)

[E.F] First Tumblr Post!

FINALLY finished my presentation. Oh. Wondering why there’s an [E.F] there?
Well, I’m a person who likes to be organized all the time so the [E.F] there means some random thing from me, about my hell of a life and blah blah’s.
Posts such as [W.P] means I’m sharing my random ideas in a story, [UPDATE] of course you have an idea what’s that for. I’ll be adding more in the future.
Yeah. I’m like talking to myself but I just know that there’s someone reading this.
Oh shoot look at the time.